Since our beginnings in 1948 we have transformed steel to create useful shapes for our daily life.

In 1987 a new production center was built for the design, development and manufacturing of home fittings.

Subsequently and due to the needs of standardizing the manufacturing process and improving our customer service, we built a logistic warehouse.

Our continuous innovation, quality service and meeting of our customer’s needs, led us to a constant growth and the introduction of our products into different markets both nationally and internationally.

We rely on a highly qualified staff and our Design and Research Department is equipped with the state-of-the art technology.

During the development of a new product our main focus is the final user.

From the original idea, throughout all the developing stages, up to the final solution we work in cooperation with our customers.

Easy mounting, functionality, careful design and quality of use are our major focus when it comes to developing a new product.

There are various stages in our manufacturing process, which we carefully control:

Raw materials
They must meet the predefined requirements in order to reach the desired quality level. Transformation process We control the manufacturing process at every stage.

The coating technical requirements defined by our Quality System specify the optical appearance, shock resistance, stainless and adherence features.

Assembling and packing
The finished product passes to our assembling and packing section, where each part is checked and finally stored and shipped.

Our capacity to offer a quality service relies on our technological resources and thorough control in the manufacturing process, which allows us to meet our customer needs.

Marketing support
We provide our customers with the necessary tools for the marketing and promotion of our products; catalogues, leaflets, displays, mounting videos and an updated web site are at their disposal.

We complement the commercial support, by means of providing training courses about our products, in our facilities or at the customer premises.

Aftersales service
We count on the necessary human resources to give a quick answer to any enquiry, whether commercial, administrative, technical or any other our customer might have.

Total Quality is our main goal.

Thorough control of the manufacturing process, logistics, storing and customer service.

Our Quality Management Certificate UNE-EN ISO 9001-2015 proves it.

We are committed to the environment.

Throughout our manufacturing process all the potentially polluting waste is appropriately treated, and whenever possible recycled for reuse.

Our certificate of Environmental Management System UNE-EN ISO 14001/2015 proves it.