A new range of laundry baskets

September 15, 2020

Menage Confort has launched a new range of laundry baskets with a modern design according to the market requirements.

Three similar but different models in their technical features; all of them included in our Compact Line.

These three models are made out of white polypropylene, which differenciate them from the common ones made out of steel.

Cesto de colada extraíble

Pull-out laundry basket

It is designed to be fixed to the upper part of the cabinet and a mInimum door of 500 mm.

A 50L removable basket to make laundry picking easier.

It also includes total extensión runners to facilitate the access to the basket interior.




Cesto para la ropa sucia extraíble

Pull-out laundry basket II

Two sizes available:  for front cabinets of 450 mm and 600 mm.  The 450 mm model has a 50L removable basket; the 600 mm model is provided with 2 removable baskets (40L+40L)

Both models are suitable for thickness cabinets from 16 mm to 19 mm. They both have total extension Grass runners with automatic opening and soft closing.


Cesto para la colada abatible

Tilt down laundry basket

Two models available: a 50L basket for a minimum front cabinet of 450mm.; and a 40L basket for a minimum 500mm front.

Both models include a tilt-down lock mechanism.

The main advantage of this kind of baskets is to help to keep cleanliness and hygene in the washing and ironing processes.

On top of that their modern design and possibility to take them to other rooms, make our laundry baskets the best customer choice.