“We manufacture articles that meet the expectations and demands of the customer”

October 6, 2020

We talked to Pedro Tejedor Vela, Quality and Environmental Manager of Menage Confort.

In Menage Confort we are phocused on the quality of our products and the final result comes from the efforts of workers and the analysis and control processes.

To find out more about how Menage Confort meets the quality demands of the market, we spoke to Pedro Tejedor Vela, Quality and Environmental Manager at Menage Confort since 2000.

Pedro, what exactly does the Quality Department do?

The Quality Department ensures that all the producto requirements meet the customer expectations and demands in terms of assembly, appearance and functionality.

How is the process followed by Menage products to control their quality?

In Menage Confort we control the product quality through three different phases.

First the raw materials are qualitatively inspected through a random sampling to check that it meets the requirements in terms of measurement and technical features.

Then, we carry out a process of intermediate controls, both in measurements and coating finish, in order to control the appearance and adherence.

And finally, we do periodic tests to check the functionality of the product.


Máquina de ensayos

Testing machine                                                                                                      


Once the product is finished, how is the quality control process?

The finished products are periodically tested in their functionality. Depending on the product we carry out different kind of tests. If it is manufactured for the first time, we always do a functionality test to ensure that it is put on the market in perfect condition.

The products that are manufactured continuously are tested according to a pre establish schedule.

Our task consists of reviewing and reporting our articles by means of quality certificates We inspect the coating, packaging, simplicity of assembly and functionality (opening and closing test in 40.000 cycles).

Are these processes regulated by any national or international standards common to the sector?

Yes, these tests are regulated under UNE standards, which are a set of rules created by the Spanish Standardisation Association.

Is Menage Confort applying the Lean Manufacturing to its processes? does this affect to the quality of the products?

Yes,it does. One of the basic pillars of the Lean philosophy is the continuous process of improvement called “Kaizen”.

Metodología Keizen

Kaizen methodology

This process is defined on the basis of the PDCA (Plan-Document-Check-Act) methodology. All the production processes are in constant improvement. Once we have achieved that, the process is standardised and the methodology applied again to other parts of the production.