Menage Confort plan against COVID-19

August 4, 2020
Different measures have been established and implemented to protect the
Menage Confort workers.


Since the beginning of the pandemic, Menage Confort has risen to the occasion, creating a contingency plan to protect all workers.

During the months that the Coronavirus has hit us, we have strictly followed all the health security measures issued by the government.

Throughout the different phases of the pandemic  we have adapted the protocol of action according to the rules and recommendations issued by the Health Authorities.

We have created a Covid-19 monitoring commission, made up of three people, appointed by the management, which meets weekly, monitor the situation and take actions if needed.

Among the measures taken are all those related to prevent and control possible infections. For this reason during the hardest months of the pandemic, teleworking was established in post where it was possible. In addition the working schedule was adapted to avoid crowds.

Although the State of Alarm no longer prevails, Menage Confort continues to implement this protocol of action to prevent infections as a result of eventual outbreaks. In this sense we maintain the schedule plan to  prevent crowds, hydroalcoholic gel is used and wearing masks is mandatory in all common areas.